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3 Week Adult Ceramic Series

Our three week Adult Pottery Series beckons you to come in from the sweltering heat and sink your hands into a mound of cool, squishy clay! 

Dive into the creative potential of ceramics as we introduce you to the stages and properties of clay and the entire process of sculpting, beginning with wet clay and ending with finished kiln fired ceramic pieces! The class combines hands on exploration with guidance and demonstration from our pottery guru.

WEEK ONE is all about hand building - coils, slabs, pinch pots & textures. We’ll round up a few of our favorite projects to inspire (cheese plates, plaques, trinket dishes, decorative items) - or you can apply the techniques you learn to venture off in your own direction.

WEEK TWO will focus on the pottery wheel - how to center the clay, operate the wheel, pull and shape small vessels and remove your work from the wheel.

WEEK THREE will be all about glazing the pieces you’ve created in the prior weeks. As you work each week, you’ll learn a little about the history of pottery making, how to wedge, store & recycle your clay scraps, & how to apply the skills you’ve learned at home!

This super chill creative class is open to any skill level. Whether you haven't touched a ball of clay since Kindergarten, or you’ve had some experience and are looking for fun atmosphere to rekindle your passion or practice what you already know!

Finished fired pieces will be available for pick up by the end of the following week.

 We’ll have different project suggestions in each session so feel free to sign up for multiple!


Oh Snap! This series has already passed. 

Still interested? Request new dates & let us know! 

COST:  $165 / 3 week session.   10% off when you register with a friend or off the 2nd session when you register for both sessions (includes all materials, use of tools + kiln firing).