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Shibori Dyeing Workshop

Indigo pigmented shibori fabric is seems like a quick trend but this textile design style has been around for centuries. Japanese shibori fabric  is a technique in which dye is controlled by various methods of resist that create stunning designs. It's a little like tie dye in its more basic form, but is much more controlled and deliberate in terms of creating a desired repeating pattern or effect.

In this workshop, we'll demonstrate several folding, twisting, tying & clamping methods; discuss the general process of preparing the fabric to accept the dye, the mixing and dye application process, as well as tips for successful rinsing + washing. 


  • Two hours of instruction and experimentation with demonstrated folding techniques
  • Set of 4 natural cotton dinner napkins (with an option to purchase additional matching napkins during check-out to create a larger matching set)
  • Assorted fabric scraps for practice dying - you are welcome to bring additional small pieces of fabric from home to use as time allows. 
  • Use of our shibori binding supplies: strings, bands, blocks, resists, and protective gloves.
  • Presoak soda ash + fabric dye bath 


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Still interested? Request a date for a public or private workshop!

COST:  $65, 10% off when you join with a friend (includes all materials)