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Shibori Dyeing Workshop

Indigo pigmented shibori fabric is seems like a quick trend but this textile design style has been around for centuries. Japanese shibori fabric  is a technique in which dye is controlled by various methods of resist that create stunning designs. It's a little like tie dye in its more basic form, but is much more controlled and deliberate in terms of creating a desired repeating pattern or effect.

In this workshop, we'll demonstrate several folding, twisting, tying & clamping methods; discuss the general process of preparing the fabric to accept the dye, the mixing and dye application process, as well as tips for successful rinsing + washing. 


  • Two hours of instruction and experimentation with demonstrated folding techniques
  • Set of 4 natural cotton dinner napkins (with an option to purchase additional matching napkins during check-out to create a larger matching set)
  • Assorted fabric scraps for practice dying - you are welcome to bring additional small pieces of fabric from home to use as time allows. 
  • Use of our shibori binding supplies: strings, bands, blocks, resists, and protective gloves.
  • Presoak soda ash + fabric dye bath 


Oh Snap, this project already happened! We'd love to schedule another public workshop or private party with a date that works for you. Let us know your interested below! 

For pop-up workshops located around Charlotte, (other than the small hands big art studio) we will wrap up at the point where you take your dyed and secured fabric home to rinse, untie & unfurl your surprise fabric design! Don't worry, we'll pack it up for you for easy transport + send you home with rinsing and washing instructions to set the dye. We just beg of you to please share photos with us after they are dry so we can enjoy seeing everyone's finished creations!

COST:  $65, 10% off when you join with a friend (includes all materials)