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Watercolor Pet Portrait

We've all been touched by the unconditional love of a special four legged friend.In this workshop, you'll capture your pet's likeness in a hand-painted watercolor portrait! This workshop is a fun way to celebrate and honor our pets or to create a striking gift for the animal lover in your life. 

Don't be intimidated by the idea of drawing a realistic image from scratch!  We'll send you a link to upload a close up picture of your furry friend, and with the help of a little digital magic, we'll bring a lightly outlined sketch to the workshop for you on mid-weight watercolor paper. 

Watercolor painting is a flexible and forgiving style of art and this workshop is a great opportunity for you to learn the basics of watercolor technique, working from light to dark, working wet on wet, and layering colors.  We'll also teach you a few special tricks to paint the eyes so they look realistic.  The 8x10 finished paintings that come out of this class are perfect to frame and hang on the wall. 


  • Two hours of workshop instruction on the basics of watercolor properties, brush use, and layering
  • Two outlines of your pet on midweight fine art watercolor paper - one for the workshop, and one to take home and try your hand with a different technique or different colors!
  • An 8x10 printed photo of your pet to reference while painting
  • 36 pan watercolor set + watercolor brush


Oh Snap! This workshop already happened. 

Still interested? Request a date for a public or private workshop below!

COST:  $55