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Watercolor Pet Portrait

We've all been touched by the unconditional love of a special four legged friend, whether they are snoring at your feet right now, or you you only hear bittersweet echoes of the pitter patter of their little feet.  This workshop is a fun way to celebrate and honor our pets!  Imagine what a fabulous gift this would make for a loved one!

In this workshop, you'll capture your pet's likeness in a hand-painted watercolor portrait!  All skill levels welcome!   Don't be intimidated by the idea of drawing a realistic image from scratch!  We'll send you a link to upload a close up of your furry friend, and with the help of a little digital magic, we'll bring a lightly outlined sketch to the workshop for you on mid-weight watercolor paper (thanks to a little digital magic!). Approximate portrait size will be between 5x7 and 9x12, depending on your preference.

Watercolor painting is a flexible and forgiving style of art and this workshop is a great opportunity for you to learn the basics of watercolor technique, working from light to dark, working wet on wet, and layering colors.  We'll also teach you a few special tricks to paint the eyes so they look realistic.  The finished paintings that come out of this class are perfect to frame and hang on the wall of your home, or as a thoughtful gift for a loved. 

In this class we'll introduce you to the properties of watercolor paint, brushes & papers as we facilitate teaching everyone how to watercolor & illustrate a portrait of their pet!  


Tuesday, August 8, 1:30-3:00pm @  Whole Foods Waverly, 7221 Waverly Walk Ave., Charlotte, NC 28277.  We'll be creating in the private 2nd floor Community Room, adjacent to the terrace.

Sunday, August 20, 1:00-2:30pm @ Blue Blaze Brewing, 528 South Turner Ave. Charlotte, NC 28208. 

Monday, August 28, 6:00-7:30pm @ Central Coffee Co. - South End, 1700 Camden Road, #101, Charlotte, NC 28203

COST:  $45